frequently asked questions

1. How long does a blow out take?

Usually a blowout takes between 30-45 minutes, this depends on length and thickness of hair.

2. How long does a blow out last?

Blow outs can last between 2-3 days, this depends on your hair type.

3. Is the wash included in my blow out?

Yes, it is. 

4. Do you use heat protectant?

Yes, our blow dry primer has heat protectant to prevent heat damage.

5. How much for "just" a blow out?

Our wash, blowout and style are $39.00

6. Do I get a blowout with an updo?

No, your hair should be clean and dry. 

7. Can Blow-chic open early?

Yes, if your booking 2 or more services at that time

8. Can I leave gratuity on my card?

No, we no longer accept gratuity on credit card.

9. We love you, can you travel for my wedding?

Unfortunately, we do not travel for weddings. Please call about renting the salon to get ready at Blow-chic for your big day!